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Hawkes Student Ambassador Internship

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Fall 2024 applications due June 1, 2024

*Internships will be completed virtually

What You Earn!

$250 Stipend for Participation
Receive compensation for your time and effort. Ambassadors get paid in two installments– once at the beginning of the term and once at the end.

Letter of Recommendation from Hawkes Learning Use the letter of recommendation as a written reference for future internships or job applications.

Meaningful Experience Learn skills for future use in the workforce. Ambassadors receive training to develop them into successful leaders, public speakers, and team members.  

A Resume Builder Bolster prospects for future employment or transitioning to another institution of higher learning.


Requirements Applicants must have completed one course using Hawkes with an average of over 90% and a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.  

Skills Ambassadors should have leadership and public speaking skills and feel comfortable in front of a group of peers or instructors.  

Roles Ambassadors will visit courses on their campus using Hawkes and provide a brief student training. Additionally, they will hold office hours to assist students using Hawkes and complete several projects. 

Commitment This is a one semester internship that takes place on campus and is administered remotely. Ambassadors should expect to commit one to two hours per week. 

Eligible applicants must be 18 years or older and enrolled full time in a college or university.